Stormwater Management

We have our own in-house software StormFlow®, for calculating the amount of storage volume required for both soakaways and stormwater attenuation tanks. As with the above two product groups, the more information available to be sent to us the better, more comprehensive our proposal can be. Depending on the stage of the project, whether drainage designs have been produced already or it’s still at planning stage and storage volumes have to be calculated, we can use our software to calculate the storage volume required for all soakaways and attenuation tanks. It will be necessary to know the infiltration rate of the soil if you need to install a soakaway.

We have a factsheet, which you can download here, to follow a step by step guide to carry out a percolation test at your site. If you need a full stormwater attenuation tank, then we need to know the discharge rate that the water must be restricted to on the outflow from the tank. We also need to know the loading requirements above the tanks, how many pipe connections and what sizes are specified. We will also ask if inspection and access for future maintenance are required, which we would propose as standard on our own designs.