Graf UK Installation

At Graf UK we’re here to help with the design and specification of your water management system. We’re not just a supplier of products and systems. We can work closely with you right from the start, at the design phase of your project, through to the installation on site and commissioning of the final solution. Whether it’s rainwater harvesting, wastewater treatment or stormwater management, we can assist with the full design to suit your requirements.

We need to know the specific information about your site in order to calculate your requirements. We’ve a selection of useful tools available on this site for you to use to help gather the necessary information that will be required. Here’s a brief summary of the ways we can help you with our different product groups.

Rainwater Harvesting

We carry out tank size calculations to determine how big your rainwater harvesting system needs to be. In order to do this, we need to know your roof collection area, the geographic location of your property/building and your requirements for what you’re going to use the water for, e.g. WCs, washing machine, external use. A drainage layout drawing is also useful so we can see the distances between the tank and the property…


Wastewater Treatment

Our wastewater treatment product range spans everything from cesspools to septic tanks to full sewage treatment plants. Our services, as with all of our other systems also spans everything from design through to installation, commissioning and maintenance/ servicing. In order for us to propose the correct wastewater treatment system for your site, please send us as much information that you can about the use of the…


Stormwater Management

We have our own in-house software StormFlow®, for calculating the amount of storage volume required for both soakaways and stormwater attenuation tanks. As with the above two product groups, the more information available to be sent to us the better, more comprehensive our proposal can be. Depending on the stage of the project, whether drainage designs have been produced already or it’s still…