Low net weight, expandable

  • Easy installation due to low net weight.
  • The tank can also be used as a rainwater collection tank after cleaning.
  • Can be expanded as required
  • "USA Patent 7854338"
  • 10 years warranty


Volume [l]Length [mm]Width [mm]Height [mm]Weight [kg]order no.add to enquiry
2700208015651690120Auf Anfrage
3750228017551880150Auf Anfrage
4850228019852110185Auf Anfrage
6500239021902390220Auf Anfrage
58500239021902390220Auf Anfrage
52000239021902390220Auf Anfrage
45500239021902390220Auf Anfrage
39000239021902390220Auf Anfrage
32500239021902390220Auf Anfrage
26000239021902390220Auf Anfrage
19500239021902390220Auf Anfrage
13000239021902390220Auf Anfrage
65000239021902390220Auf Anfrage

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