Water storage tank and spring water shaft

Water is our most precious resource. The quality of mains water supplies varies enormously around the globe. Not all homes can be connected to the supply system. Remote properties can use the water resources in our mountains. Fresh water from individual springs can be captured using spring shafts and fed to a mains water storage tank. The low weight of our products isn't just a huge benefit in mountain regions. A mains water storage tank is usually transported to the installation site by truck, farming or forestry vehicle. Given the tank's low weight, it can also be easily transported by helicopter. Usually just one flight is needed, which cuts total costs considerably compared with other materials. The quality of the mains water harvested is affected not only by the water itself - the components used to harvest and store it are key too. GRAF mains water storage tanks are only made from food-safe plastic. The smooth inner surfaces of the tank prevent dirt from sticking and are easy to clean.