The third generation of GRAF infiltration and attenuation system

  • BBA Agrément Certificate Number 15/5200 for GRAF EcoBloc Inspect flex
  • DIBt, BBA, ITB
  • Universal use:For rainwater infiltration, retention or rainwater harvesting
  • Twice the volume per truck: To save space during transport, two EcoBloc Inspect flex modules are stacked one inside the other. This halves transport costs and CO2 emissions.
  • Easy to install: GRAF EcoBloc Inspect flex modules are easy to transport and install. The modular system structure requires few accessories.
  • Easy to inspect: The standard inspection channel allows the entire infiltration system to be effectively monitored. The ability of the EcoBloc Inspect system allow access by inspection cameras that are commonly found on the market. This has been confirmed, by several independent testing authorities.
  • Can be cleanded by high pressure jetting: GRAF EcoBloc Inspect system can be easily
    cleaned by high pressure jetting.
  • Highly flexible: Each EcoBloc Inspect flex module has a volume of 205 l, a area of 800
    x 800 mm and a height of 320 mm. The system size and loadbearing can be adjusted individually to suit requirements of traffic and of non-traffic area.
  • Lorry-bearing: The GRAF EcoBloc Inspect has a heavy-duty lorry-bearing capacity of 60 tons with a 800 mm earth covering.
  • Installation depth of up to 5 metres: Even under very heavy loads, GRAF EcoBloc Inspect system can be installed at a depth of up to 5 metres. This means that up to 14 layers are possible.
  • Connection up to DN 200: Large infiltration volumes require large pipe cross-sections. This isn‘t a problem for GRAF EcoBloc Inspect: it has DN 110, 160 and 200 connections on all sides. DN 110 connections are positioned eccentrically
    at the side for complete deaeration.
  • Designed for decades of use: A durable product design ensures sustainability.
    Built to offer double safety, the GRAF EcoBloc Inspect is designed for a service
    life of over 50 years.
  • High infiltration rate: The GRAF EcoBloc Inspect system is designed to have high rate of infiltration and barrierfree inspection.
  • 5 years warranty


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