Our philosophy

Pure, clean water is one of the essential things in life, yet it’s exposed to a large number of pollutants. GRAF develops, manufactures and markets an extensive range of products for water management. We provide solutions to global challenges, such as protecting watersourses, purifying wastewater and preventing flooding, with typical German quality. Our focus is on avoiding environmental pollution and having a re- sponsible attitude towards people and nature. We can draw on our experience of 60 years in business.

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Otto Graf GmbH was established in 1962. We spent our early years almost exclusively selling containers, barrels and tanks for winegrowers and wineries. We systematically utilised the advantage that plastic’s acid and alkali resistance offers, and also started to focus on tanks for industrial applications. Within a matter of a few years, we had achieved a leading position in this industry.

We picked up on the considerable potential offered by rainwater harvesting early on. In 1974, the slogan “Rainwater is free” was used to market the very first rainwater barrels, which were soon followed by other innovations for rainwater harvesting. We have been consistently developing this area of our business ever since.

Thanks to the trust that our customers have placed in us and the commitment of our employees, our company has grown continuously and now employs a workforce of over 700 people worldwide, more than 500 of whom are based in Germany. Our products are exported to more than 80 countries across the globe. Numerous innovations bear impressive testimony to the high demands we place on ourselves as an innovative market leader for water management.

Hand-in-hand with our employees and customers, we want to write the next chapter in the GRAF success story