The ultimate submersible electronic pump for boosting water pressure and efficiency.

Experience the power of innovation with the Divertron, a cutting-edge submersible electronic multi-impeller pump meticulously crafted for elevating water pressure, optimising rainwater utilisation, and revolutionising residential gardening and irrigation. Elevate your water experience and harness the potential of clean water like never before.

Designed to perfection, the Divertron is your go-to companion for seamlessly integrating rainwater recovery systems and supercharging water pressure from cisterns or tanks. Imagine the convenience of utilising stored rainwater for nourishing your garden oasis or tending to your vibrant vegetable patch. With the Divertron, these possibilities become your reality.

Unlock the magic of automation with Divertron's integrated pressure switch, flow sensor, and advanced control electronics. Say goodbye to manual toggles; the pump's intelligent design ensures automatic on and off functionality tailored to your system's needs. Worried about dry runs? Fear not. Divertron's intuitive automation not only responds to your demands but also safeguards the pump from potential dry-run mishaps.

Equipped with an integrated start capacitor discreetly housed within an easily accessible compartment, Divertron redefines convenience. Bid farewell to cumbersome disassembling routines. Additionally, relish the benefits of a non-return valve and a generous 15-metre power cable accompanied by a plug, ensuring a hassle-free setup.


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