The new tank generation of Carat rainwater underground tanks has been specially developed for rainwater harvesting. Easy to transport due to low weight and encircling H profile.

Logistical advantages of the Carat S tank

The Carat S tank consists of two half shells which can be piled on top of each other, allowing multiple tanks to be stacked on a single pallet for shipping. For example, it is possible to stack five 6,500 ltr Carat S tanks, or nine 2,700 ltr Carat S tanks on a single pallet. This allows a standard 40 ft. shipping container to house a total tank volume of up to 130,000 ltrs! The tanks unique stacking feature reduces transport costs and environmental impact from vehicle emissions, whilst allowing shipments to any destination in the world.

Easy and safe assembly

  • The patented quick connection (illustrated in green), allows the Carat S tank to be assembled without screws in only few minutes. Disassembly is possible at any time.
  • The first-class EPDM material used in the profile sealings (illustrated in yellow), has been laboratory tested. It lasts more than 25 years.
  • The centering bolt (illustrated in orange) assures the accurate and easy assembly of the two half shells preventing any leaks

More advantages

  • Highest stability and unique fitting accuracy thanks to new production processes
  • Consistent quality due to constant production monitoring
  • Suitable for vehicle loading (when combined with the Telescopic cast iron cover)
  • Groundwater-stable up to the middle of the tank thanks to the extremely stable construction
  • Investment security thanks to 10-year warranty — compare it!
  • Can be expanded as often as required
  • "USA Patent 7854338"


  • Global innovation – the new generation of the Carat rainwater underground tanks has been specially developed for rainwater harvesting
  • The Carat tank can be individually tailored to your needs as a garden or house tank using the modular system
  • For frost-proof installation in the ground


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Technical details


max. earth covering [mm] (without groundwater, vehicle loading) 1500


max. axle load [t] 2,2/8
max. vehicle weight [t] 3,5/12
Earth covering with loading capacity [mm] 800-1500

Groundwater installation

Earth covering with groundwater installation [mm] 800 - 1500