Drainage, with a sustainable twist.

In the built environment, it becomes very difficult for rainwater to be naturally directed back into waterways. Drains are the most obvious solution, however, at GRAF we take it further by providing channel drainage solutions that filter, clean, and manage water run-off; keeping waterways free from harmful pollutants or debris such as microplastics.

The range of products we offer are made from 96% recycled polypropylene with 2% carrier granule and 2% soot particles for UV resistance; and we work to develop solutions specifically for Australian applications. 

Sustainable and stylish, they are the perfect solution for corrosion-free drainage in a wide variety of applications from parks, carparks, and driveways to heavy-duty applications such as those requiring Class G Loads. 

Choose your required class load. 

The links to the right will direct you to the Channel Drainage products classified according to the Australian standard (AS 3996) load class.

We also have specialist Sport Channels and Treatment Channels which round out our product range.