Trade waste from commercial or institutional laundries (or any activity that might discharge high temperature liquid waste) is required to be discharged through a pre-treatment device such as a cooling pit which is designed to restore wastewater to a safe temperature and reduce pollutants such as lint, sand and inert solids.

The GRAF Cooling Pit 

includes inspectable surge baffle, and its outlet collection point is from the bottom of the tank. This tank design is commonly used for allowing the temperature of the trade waste to drop by the assumption that the stored volume is around 23 degrees Celsius.


Super Compact Tank 

The Cooling Pit is developed with our superior Super Compact Tank.

The SC tank is named for its compactness; engineered to streamline installation and optimise functionality. With a focus on efficiency, this tank boasts an ideal length-to-width ratio, ensuring ample space between inlet and outlet without sacrificing its compact footprint.


  • AS/NZS: 9001
  • European Standard EN 1433
  • AS/NZS: 1546.1
  • AS/NZS: 4766
  • Products and management systems independently verified & certified
  • 15- year warranty


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