To prevent damage caused by the uncontrolled discharge of oil-containing water, effective and safe methods of separation technology must be used everywhere where light liquids come into contact with water.

The Oil Water Separator

includes an automatic closure device for 0.85g/cm3 light fluids, a flame trap, a deflector, and a coalescing unit. This tank allows for standard EN 1825-1 treatment configuration of the trade waste.

GRAF separators combine gravity treatment plus KLARO coalescing to achieve the highest outcomes.

Oil Water Separators are generally used to treat liquid run-off from vehicle washing, cleansing of oil covered parts or other sources, oil contaminated rainwater from impervious areas, commercial kitchens and food processing facilities.


Super Compact Tank

The Oil Water Separator is developed with our superior Super Compact Tank. 

The SC tank is named for its compactness; engineered to streamline installation and optimise functionality. With a focus on efficiency, this tank boasts an ideal length-to-width ratio, ensuring ample space between inlet and outlet without sacrificing its compact footprint.


Oil and Water Separation Technology by GRAF and KLARO – how does it work?

As wastewater is slowed to a low flow velocity and enters the separator, natural separation occurs, this process is supported by the GRAF SC tank design for an optimal gravity separation. 

Higher cleaning performance of separation occurs with the KLARO separator KLsepa.compact+ coalescence device. While the limit value of the separation efficiency of a gravity separator is 100 mg residual oil per litre of water, this value can be reduced to below 5 mg/l by KLARO coalescing as tested to standard EN 858-1 by the TÜV Rheinland.

The coalescing unit is a resistant 3D double-layer combined knitted fabrics of stainless steel and polypropylene fixed with a device of stainless steel: no wear, no clogging!

  • AS/NZS: 9001
  • European Standard EN 1433
  • AS/NZS: 1546.1
  • AS/NZS: 4766
  • Products and management systems independently verified & certified
  • 15- year warranty



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