Any discharge of corrosive liquids, spent acids, or harmful chemicals into plumbing systems is strictly prohibited without prior neutralisation or treatment. This measure ensures the prevention of noxious or toxic fumes and interference with sewage treatment processes, safeguarding both public health and environmental integrity.

The Averaging Dilution Pit 

is a baffle-free tank with outlet collection point is from the middle of the tank. For applications where the trade waste includes acid and alkaline solutions that cancelled each other out and may be treated by dosing in order to meet pH acceptance criteria for discharge.


Super Compact Tank 

The Averaging Dilution Pit is developed with our superior Super Compact Tank.

The SC tank is named for its compactness; engineered to streamline installation and optimise functionality. With a focus on efficiency, this tank boasts an ideal length-to-width ratio, ensuring ample space between inlet and outlet without sacrificing its compact footprint.


  • AS/NZS: 9001
  • European Standard EN 1433
  • AS/NZS: 1546.1
  • AS/NZS: 4766
  • Products and management systems independently verified & certified
  • 15- year warranty


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