In Australia, approximately 256,000 new dwellings are built every year.


In the built environment, (e.g., homes, roads, parking, commercial buildings, etc.) many sealed inorganic surfaces are introduced. When it rains, water is no longer able to absorb back into the soil… so where does it go?

The immediate answer is into drains and treatment channels, but are those methods sufficient during heavy rainfall? If you’ve ever driven down a flooded street, you’ll know the answer is no.

When stormwater has nowhere to drain (or drain fast enough), it will flood the surface, potentially causing water damage to the property or surrounding land. If drains and channels connect to a mains drainage network, there is a possibility for that to become overwhelmed during a significant rainfall event. With climate change aggravating the number of storm events we will experience; adequate stormwater management systems need to be considered in all new developments.

GRAF Australia solves the stormwater management issue with lightweight, modular, sustainable systems which combine infiltration, detention and controlled release of rainwater in a way that is eco-friendly and prevents flooding.