GRAF Lint Arrestor tanks employ a multi-stage filtration process to effectively remove various solids, including buttons, stones, and lint, from wastewater streams.

The Lint Arrestor

includes an easy to service stainless steel basket and its outlet collection point is from the bottom of the tank. It is sized to ensure the temperature criteria is met and commonly used when no lint screens are present in the collection pipework of the laundry; however, may also be the design of preference for lint removal.


Super Compact Tank

The Lint Arrestor is developed with our superior Super Compact Tank.

The SC tank is named for its compactness; engineered to streamline installation and optimise functionality. With a focus on efficiency, this tank boasts an ideal length-to-width ratio, ensuring ample space between inlet and outlet without sacrificing its compact footprint.



The initial function of the Lint Arrestor is a removable basket mesh filter in the first compartment to efficiently capture larger debris through gravitational settling, preventing them from entering the drainage system and causing potential blockages.

An additional fixed screen is installed as safeguard, ensuring the effluent is fully cleaned before it is discharged into the sewer system. This meticulous separation of solids not only ensures the smooth flow of water but also significantly reduces the frequency of maintenance interventions, ultimately translating into cost savings for commercial laundry operations.

  • AS/NZS: 9001
  • European Standard EN 1433
  • AS/NZS: 1546.1
  • AS/NZS: 4766
  • Products and management systems independently verified & certified
  • 15- year warranty


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