Where additional separation between septic waste and treated water is required, the Carat S with baffle is the perfect option, providing a dual chambered design to separate untreated water from treated water before it is released.

Mechanical wastewater treatment designed in accordance to AS/NZS1546.1

Floating and removable material is extracted from domestic wastewater in mechanical septic tanks. This is pure mechanical cleaning, for which you need 200 litres per person, per day of settling volume plus 80 litres person per year of sludge and scum storage based on AS/NZS1547.

  • Option to install underneath a driveway when you upgrade to a trafficable lid 
  • Low weight: can also be installed without a crane
  • Flexibility for installation: the telescopic lid can be tilted and gives you more freedom on where you can install to achieve the required fall
  • Low-cost installation: no concrete required to anchor the tanks 
  • Low maintenance: maintenance or cleaning work can be performed through the shafts

The following items are included: 

  • Tank
  • Baffle
  • Dome Mini
  • Dome Shaft Mini
  • Septic Pipe Kit



Total volume [l]Length [mm]Width [mm]Height [mm]Weight [kg]order no.add to enquiry
5 Inh., 2,700 l270020801565201014510.0001
7 Inh., 3,750 l375022801755220017510.0002
9 Inh., 4,800 l480022801985243022010.0003
13 Inh., 6,500 l650023902190271026010.0004

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