EcoBloc SMART: Customisable modular stormwater infiltration and detention system. 

Our standard EcoBloc SMART modular system allows for large storage volumes requiring less space than traditional stormwater systems. EcoBloc SMART allows for minimal environmental impact, maximum customisation, simple install and importantly, high durability.

  • Made from 100% GRAF Upcyclen recycled plastic.
  • Infiltration modules for infiltration and retention of stormwater. The GRAF welding team will be provided with the installation of a welded sealed LPDE liner surrounding the tank modules to provide a secure storage system.
  • Modular system allowing customisation for individual applications.
  • A simpler way: Easy to transport and install.
  • Inspectable: A built-in inspection channel enables effective control of the entire EcoBloc SMART system.
  • High-pressure flushable: EcoBloc SMART modules can be flushed at high pressure without any problems.
  • High infiltration capacity.
  • Truck passable: The EcoBloc SMART enables GML Common 9 Axle B-double drivability with a minimum of 800 mm earth cover. 
  • One truckload corresponds to a storage volume of 455 m³.
  • Ideal stability behaviour: EcoBloc SMART modules can withstand high loads over long periods of time. Both horizontal and vertical loads are supported. Thanks to the optimised product design, loads are optimally transferred, allowing for planning freedom of a generous installation window even under high loads.
  • The side plates of the EcoBloc SMART offer connections in cross-sections DN100, 150, 225 and DN300 & 375 via vario shaft chamber entry). 
  • Larger cross-sections can be connected with the optional EcoBloc adapter plates.
  • Meets the intent of the below Australian Standards with respect to strength when compared to the test work performed on the product:
    • AS/NZS 1170.0, Structural design actions, Part 0: General principles
    • AS/NZS 1170.1, Structural design actions, Part 1: Permanent, imposed and other actions
    • AS/NZS 4766, Rotationally moulded buried, partially buried and non-buried storage tanks for water and chemicals 
    • AS 5100.2, Bridge design, part 2: Design loads
    • NVHR national heavy vehicle mass and dimension limits
  • Maximum installation depth to 3.07m (contingent on load rating – contact GRAF Australia for more information).


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