SMART Stormwater Infiltration, from GRAF.

EcoBloc SMART can be used for infiltration systems in a variety of developments. 

The inlet pipes connected to the tank transport stormwater from any sealed surface such as a roof or a car park, to inside of the tank where the stormwater is stored temporarily and slowly released in the ground depending on infiltration rate of the soil, restoring the natural cycle of water. 

In an infiltration tank, after an excavation of the pit and compaction of the base, the installation team lay a geotextile layer and EcoBloc SMART base plates are assembled according to the design of the tank. Then, EcoBloc modules are clipped together to make sure every EcoBloc is secure, making the tank a strong structure, and end plates are connected to the lateral surfaces of the completed tank. 

The final steps are to wrap the geotextile all around the tank, certifying overlapping on the geotextile, to avoid any material from outside entering the inside of the tank, and backfill the laterals with appropriate backfilling material.