Sustainability is at the core of GRAF as a global company.

We already recycle thousands of tonnes of plastic to produce our products, while continuously working to innovate new solutions to lessen our environmental impact.

GRAF Australia is in the business of protecting one of the world's most valuable resources – water; but it doesn’t just end there. We have an ambitious aim to make our factories, warehouses and offices in Henderson (WA), Werribee (VIC) and Bells Creek (QLD) Australia’s first truly sustainable and carbon-neutral manufacturing premises; without reliance on carbon offsets.

Our goal is to become a leader in sustainability, both within our industry and in the broader business community.

We champion sustainability to protect our planet for future generations. We believe that sustainability is essential to maintaining a healthy environment, thriving communities, and a strong economy.

We measure our business success not only by financial performance but also by our impact on the environment and society.