Using energy responsibly

Our production process relies on the latest systems for a minimum use of resources. Our new injection moulding machines require significantly less energy than conventional machines. Using heat recovery, the heat generated during production is used to heat our production and logistics buildings. This contributes to a clear reduction of GRAF's CO2 emissions.

To manufacture the Carat S underground tank, GRAF commissioned the design and construction of the world's largest injection moulding machine. The energy use of this machine per kilogram of plastic is up to 85%* below the average for the industry.

*Source: Plastverarbeiter magazine, March 2010 issue

The energy management system at GRAF holds DIN ISO 50001 certification. Under the energy management system at the Teningen plant, the various types of consumption are recorded in detail, and the energy indicators for each machine and the energy efficiency set values for each product are defined. To further reduce energy consumption, peak loads are actively managed, all operating processes are precisely defined, continuous improvements are implemented and internal audits are carried out four times a year.