Luxembourg goods station

Products 2,570 EcoBloc Inspect flex, 2 Vario 800 shaft system
Application Retention
Storage capacity 330 m³
Collecting surface area 300 m²
Specifics 47.2 m x 4.8 m x 1.32 m
Earth covering 1.2 m
Installation depth 2.52 m

Modular rainwater retention system with custom-made shaft solution

GRAF EcoBloc Inspect flex stores 330 m3 rainwater under Luxembourg goods station. Rainwater retention systems prevent sewers from overloading, thus preventing floods during heavy rainfalls. Luxembourg obligatorily prescribes this sustainable water management. Planners of the new goods station in Luxembourg have opted for a solution by GRAF. The integrated rainwater retention system, EcoBloc Inspect flex, stores 330 m3 rainwater. Two GRAF Vario 800 shaft systems are fitted precisely into the ditch system.

The modular setting up of the rainwater retention system provides the option of adapting the volume and above all length and width of the local conditions individually and in a space-saving manner. As the modules in Luxembourg have been installed under a HGV loading ramp, it was crucial to the planners that a loading capacity over SLW 60 could be realised. For the construction project, the modules have been fitted and welded in foil on site within five working days. Once the block system has been mounted, the pipes are positioned for the inand outlet, and for ventilation. An adapter plate has been installed to connect the inlet pipes. The GRAF adapter plate integrates sizes DN 300, 400 and 500 in a multistage connection fitting. Connections can therefore be adjusted on site to the pipe sizes provided.