Largest water resource management range in the world

For more than 50 years, the GRAF brand has represented high-quality environmental products made from plastic. Products for rainwater harvesting were first made available in 1974 – a breakthrough at the time. Today, GRAF offers the world's most extensive selection of products in the field of water resource management.

Water should be used responsibly. Drinking water does not need to be used everywhere in the household. GRAF rainwater harvesting systems enable rainwater to be used for watering your garden, cleaning your toilet and in your washing machine. For private households, the savings potential is around 50%, and 85% for commercial properties. In this way, groundwater resources can be preserved and the energy use for drinking water treatment can be reduced, all with little effort.

Households that are not connected to the public sewage network can treat their waste water using GRAF wastewater treatment systems, and can then safely run it into a watercourse or drain it away into the ground. The system's cycle times can automatically adapt to certain conditions, e.g. during holidays, thus saving electricity without a loss of convenience. In addition, their high cleaning performance provides a long cycle for the removal of sewage sludge.

Long dry periods are increasingly followed by heavy precipitation. Increased surface sealing prevents rain from draining away. Water builds up and causes flooding. GRAF infiltration modules restore the natural water cycle, as they drain rainwater down into the ground. They therefore contribute significantly to decentralised flooding prevention and the regeneration of groundwater resources. GRAF infiltration modules can also help to save money on charges.