Regional Waste Center of the Karlovy Vary Region

Products 2,570 EcoBloc light, 2 x Vario 800 shaft system
Application Retention
Storage capacity 830 m³
Collecting surface area 600 m2
Specifics 32 m x 18.4 m x 1.46 m
Earth covering 1.26 m
Installation depth 2.72 m

Regional Waste Center in Czech Republic

  • 3 x DN 315 adaptor plate
  • The system is a firefigthing tank
  • System is built from PVC geomembrane and done by external supplier. The external supplier was happy about the low weight of the blocs and easy to handle them during PVC glueing
  • Water is collected from the roofs and directed to the EcoBloc light system to store the water for firefighting actions.
  • The system is installed in a big regional national recycling center for different waste in CZ-Vresova
  • The overflow of the system is connected with a second big concrete reservoir with open on top