Graf UK Announces Significant Expansion at Banbury Office to Accelerate Growth and Boost Local Employment

Graf UK, a leader in sustainable water management systems, is excited to announce the expansion of its head office yard space in Banbury, Oxfordshire. This strategic move is in response to the company's continued growth and commitment to enhancing lead times across the UK.

The extension of the yard space signifies Graf UK's dedication to increasing its product storage capacity within the UK. This development is poised to streamline operations, allowing the company to serve its customers more efficiently and keep pace with the ever-expanding market demands.

Matthew Rolph, Managing Director of Graf UK, comments on this development: "At Graf UK, we're not just expanding our physical space; we're increasing our capabilities and our impact. This extension is a strategic investment that enables us to boost our output significantly, reinforcing our commitment to delivering the best service we can to our customers. Moreover, it's an investment in the local community. Despite the challenging economic environment, we've grown our workforce by 20% this year. With this expansion, we're poised to continue this trend, creating more job opportunities and contributing positively to the local community as we move into the next year and beyond."

This expansion is a testament to Graf UK's resilience and adaptability in a rapidly changing economic landscape. It underscores the company's commitment to sustainable growth, not just in business but in fostering a thriving community around its operations.

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About Graf UK

Graf UK is at the forefront of providing sustainable water management solutions. With a focus on quality and innovation, the company caters to builders, merchants, and contractors in the construction industry, offering products designed for efficiency and sustainability.