Each day, GRAF customers save over 175 million litres* of drinking water globally.

This corresponds to the capacity of 61 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Water should be used responsibly. Drinking water does not need to be used everywhere in the household. GRAF products enable you to use rainwater for watering your garden, cleaning your toilet and in your washing machine. For private households, the savings potential is around 50%, while for commercial properties, this figure can be up to 85%. In this way, groundwater resources can be preserved and the energy use for drinking water treatment can be reduced, all with little effort.

The use of rainwater, even in small quantities, helps protect the environment. Plants love rainwater. So why not collect the valuable, free resource in a water butt and use it to water your plants? For many users, this is also a question of appearance. At GRAF, there is a style to suit everyone's taste.

GRAF also uses rainwater at its various plants and drains away excess rainwater using infiltration modules. During production, closed cooling circuits ensure incredibly low water consumption. These measures all demonstrate our extremely responsible use of this valuable resource.

*Calculation basis: drinking water consumption savings achievable through the use of rainwater harvesting systems in comparison with drinking water consumption without rainwater harvesting. These statements are based upon assumptions. The water savings per tank are multiplied by historical sales figures. For the drinking water savings calculated, a flat-rate rainwater requirement of 15 times the container volume is assumed.