The solution for a large distances between tank and the house waterworks. The Aqua-Center Silentio Press ist the central system control for a rainwater harvesting system. 

The GRAF Aqua-Center Silentio Press is the central system control for your rainwater harvesting system. The microelectronics control and regulate the entire system. The pump and processor units are compactly installed with the intake container. The switching valve is sensorcontrolled and opens the drinking water intake to the service water network when the water level is low in the cistern. The Aqua-Center Silentio Press switches back to rainwater operation after even a brief rain shower. The Aqua-Center Silentio Press is safety-tested in accordance with DIN 1988 and EN 1717 and can be installed above the backpressure level without problems. By connecting a lifting device in accordance with DIN 1988 and EN 1717 to the overfl ow, installation is also possible below the backpressure level. Please follow the installation instructions. A quiet, multistage, self-priming centrifugal pump with professional output works below the attractive soundproof hood. The Aqua-Center Silentio Press comes ready to connect – this facilitates a simple and quick start-up.

  • For greater distances between the tank and the house waterworks (> 15 m) including submersible pump 300 A as a pressure pump
  • With automatic filter cleaning unit as option
  • Regular rinsing of the drinking water reservoir prevents microbial contamination
  • Digital display of the operating status and the level in the cistern
  • The integrated dry running protection prevents damage in the event of a water shortage and guarantees safe operation
  • High operating safety thanks to approved microprocessor controls (can be adjusted individually)
  • Operating pressure display
  • When required, drinking water is drawn in when the cistern is empty (manual switching is possible)
  • Automatic control of the Opticlean® filter cleaning unit, cleaning intervals can be programmed
  • Integrated emergency overflow corresponds to the new EN 1717 Part 3
  • Complete soundproofing of all sources of noise for quiet operation
  • High-quality, highperformance KSB rotary pumps guarantee long, safe system operation (KSB Superinox 15/4 or 25/4)
  • 2 years warranty


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