Planting instead of giving: Our Christmas gift to nature

This festive season at Otto Graf GmbH we are planting trees instead of exchanging presents.

We believe sustainability starts right at your doorstop and this year sees us continuing our tradition of choosing planting over gifting.

Since the end of November, under the expert guidance of responsible foresters, our dedicated team of employees have planted around 500 oaks and hornbeams in two areas of the municipal forest of Kappel-Grafenhausen.

Our planting campaign which has been carried out as part of the Heimatwald project is more than just a recurring event. It’s a commitment to environmental stewardship. Every year brings its own challenges, in 2022 for instance, steep slopes made it difficult for the team and this Autumn there has been a lot of heavy rainfull. So much so that even us rainwater experts, on planting day, were a little worried our plans would be disrupted! Thankfully though the rain stopped just in time and although the forest floor was wet it was easy to walk on and although it had rained for weeks before this, the soil, 10 centimetres below the surface, was already bone dry. District Manager Ronja Schneider explained to our team of planters that “The problem of drought is still a major one, which is why we are now increasingly relying on deep-rooted deciduous tress and mixed forests for new plantings. In addition to this there are the climate fluctuations which are making it increasingly difficult for nature. So this is also a form of water management that we are jointly initiating through these plantings.”

Our goal is to bolster the Black Forest with greater biodiversity, fostering new ecosystems and aiding in carbon dioxide filtration. Being part of the Heimatwald project is a testament to our commitment here at GRAF and as Ronja Schneider reminded us, whilst thanking us for our enthusiastic participation “Every sapling counts”

Here at Otto Graf GmbH our dedication to sustainability is steadfast. The above project is a prime example of our efforts to nurture the environment. By planting in the Black Forest we’re not just growing trees; we’re fostering a healthier, more resilient ecosystem and making a tangible impact on our planet.