Rainwater Harvesting

We carry out tank size calculations to determine how big your rainwater harvesting system needs to be. In order to do this, we need to know your roof collection area, the geographic location of your property/building and your requirements for what you’re going to use the water for, e.g. WCs, washing machine, external use. A drainage layout drawing is also useful so we can see the distances between the tank and the property and a position to locate pumps and controls etc.We will provide a proposal for the tank size and filter requirements, as well as the pump/control unit based around your specific requirements.We provide this design service for both domestic and commercial buildings and projects, regardless of whether it is 1 house or 1000. We’re able to use the benefit of our 8+ years’ experience of installing, maintaining and servicing rainwater harvesting systems, to ensure that the most suitable system is proposed for your project.


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