Large Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants up to 200 inhabitants for the Carat XL

  • System conformity: ATV A-122
  • Purifying technology: fully biological SBR lifting technology
  • XXL systems available up to: 1000 inhabitants | 150,0000 l/d
  • Maintenance interval: 2 – 4 per year
  • Warranty for underground tank: 15 years
  • Warranty for purifying technology: 2 years

Standard equipment: Control power failure recognition, Temperature sensor to protect against overheating, Logbook function, Serial interface for software updates

Available as options: +R Remote transmission (GSM modem), +P Phosphate removal, +C Carbon infeed, +H Disinfection, +D Removal of nitrogen, Operation 14 keys, External control cabinet for installing control unit outdoors

Scope of supply: Carat XL underground tanks with factory-prefitted technology and control cabinet for internal fitting. The air hoses from the underground tanks to the control panel are not included.


Inh.max. daily flow [l/d]Volume [l]Set consisting of:Length [mm]Width [mm]Height [mm]Weight [kg]order no.add to enquiry
8012000340004x8500 l15500204027001520106172
10015000400004x10000 l15580224029001820106173
12018000425005x8500 l11500712027001900106174
14521750500005x10000 l11560777029002275106175
16524750595007x8500 l7500966027002660106176
20030000700007x10000 l75401046029003185106177

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