Sizing forms and tender files

  • Wastewater treatment: Tanks underground
    Cesspool 1000 liter
    Cesspool 3000 liter
    Cesspool Carat S
    Cesspool Herkules
    Cesspool Rondus
    Klaro E Professional one-reservoir system
    Klaro E Professional retrofit kit
    Klaro E Professional two-reservoir system
    Septic tank three chambers
    Septic tank two chambers mechanical
    Sizing form for retrofitting of existing tanks
    Sizing form for retrofitting of existing tanks CN
    Sizing form for wastewater treatment system
  • Separator
    Sizing form for grease separator
    Sizing form for Light fluid separator
  • Stormwater Management: Infiltration modules
    EcoBloc Inspect flex
    EcoBloc light
    EcoBloc Maxx
    Herkules percolation shaft
    Infiltration Tunnel
    Infiltration Tunnel Twin vehicle loading
    Sizing form for infiltration systems
  • Stormwater Management: Filter and shaft systems
    Drainstar-Filter external
    Drainstar-Filter XL external
    Infiltration filter shaft
    Infiltration shaft system DN 400
    Infiltration shaft system DN 600
    Sedimentation filter shaft
    Vario 800 flex shaft system
  • Retention
    Carat S detention cistern
    Carat S retention cistern
    Carat XL detention cistern
    Carat XL retention cistern
    Carat XXL detention cistern
    Carat XXL retention cistern
    Choke drain shaft
    Platin detention cistern
    Platin retention cistern
    Platin XL detention cistern
    Platin XL retention cistern
    Platin XXL detention cistern
    Platin XXL retention cistern
    Sizing form for attenuation systems
  • Rainwater Harvesting: Tanks underground
    Carat S underground package garden Comfort
    Carat S underground package garden Jet
    Carat S underground package house Eco-Plus
    Carat S underground package house Professional
    Carat S underground package house Silentio Press
    Carat S underground tank
    Carat XL underground tank
    Carat XXL firefighting water tank
    Carat XXL underground tank
    Controls and pumps
    Herkules rainwater tank
    Herkules underground package garden
    Herkules underground package house
    Platin rainwater flat tank
    Platin underground package garden Comfort
    Platin underground package garden Jet
    Platin underground package house Eco-Plus
    Platin underground package house Professional
    Platin underground package house Silentio Press
    Platin XL rainwater flat tank
    Platin XXL firefighting water tank
    Platin XXL rainwater flat tank
    Pump packages
    Rainwater planning aid
    Sizing Form Rainwater harvesting tank volume
  • Rainwater harvesting: Packages, pumps and accessories
    Aqua-Center Silentio
    Telescopic dome shaft 600 PKW
    Telescopic dome shaft 600 universal
  • Rainwater Harvesting: Filter System
    Internal rainwater filter systems
    Optimax Industrial Filter 3 external
    Universal Industrial Filter 3 external
  • Drinking Water Storage
    Drinking Water Storage