Olympic Park Madrid

Products 1.857 EcoBloc light, 624 EcoBloc maxx and 7 Vario 800 flex
Application Infiltration
Storage capacity 500 m³
Specifics 3 EcoBloc light Infiltration tanks of 200 m³, 100 m³ and 55 m³ each; 1 EcoBloc maxx Infiltration tank of 145 m³
Installation time frame: 35 m³/hour, 3 people

Infiltration Project – Madrid Olympic Park – Wanda Metropolitano Stadium (ES)

Project of four infiltration tanks in the Madrid Olympic Park, the park surrounding the new Wanda Metropolitano Stadium of Atlético Madrid. The Stadium is situated in an elevated area, so the outdoor space in front of the Stadium posed flood problems towards the lower neighbourhoods nearby.

To avoid this situation, 4 infiltration tanks were designed and distributed in the lower areas of the park, during the planning stages of the project.

The different specifications of load and earth covering suggested that one tank should be built with EcoBloc maxx and the other three with EcoBloc light, all of the them with visual inspection of the water level inside the tank, thanks to the Vario flex 800.

Actually, the versatility and flexibility of GRAF’s EcoBloc system allowed to use the optimal solution for each of the four tanks and was one of the key reasons to choose GRAF rather than other alternatives.

The whole area will turn in a public green space where 700 trees and 41.500 bushes will be planted, so the whole Stadium area will offer a much more sustainable and eco-friendly image.