Our contribution to climate protection

Our contribution to climate protection

Sustainability is also a top priority in our manufacturing processes. For example, the waste heat from production is used to heat the production and logistics buildings. Closed water cycles ensure that our production uses as little water as possible. In our factories, rainwater is also used for cooling and cleaning processes.

Logistics-optimised products

Numerous GRAF products are manufactured with a focus on optimised logistics. This allows us to ship a lot more than a conventional product design. 

For example, the GRAF Carat S tank can be assembled from two half shells. For transport, these tank halves are stacked on pallets. In this way, eight times more tank volume is transported and CO2 emissions from transport are massively reduced.

Further measures to reduce our energy requirements

  • Energy management according to ISO 50001
  • Saving heating energy through heat recovery
  • Minimal water consumption due to closed cooling circuits
  • Rainwater utilisation for cooling and cleaning processes, toilets, washing machines
  • Universal use of LED lighting (GRAF worldwide)
  • Infiltration of excess storm water runoff
  • Further sustainability measures on water protection and noise emissions
  • Optimised logistics between the factories