Re-use of wastewater with bluecycle (Chlorination & Sand Filter)

Wastewater re-use
Avoid the wastage of precious fresh water resources through the re-use of highly treated wastewater for outdoor purposes like gardening. We recommend you combine the advantages of GRAF sand filtration and GRAF chlorination subsequent to your GRAF biological sewage treatment plant for the safe re-use and storage of your treated wastewater.

  • Reduction of suspended solids, COD and BOD followed by chemical disinfection
  • Prevention of pathogen regrowth and fouling in water hoses and irrigation systems through the long-term effect of chlorine
  • Filtration upstream of the disinfection stage reduces the chlorine demand effectively and prevents debris in the chlorine contact basin
  • Certified performance according to EN 12566-7

Re-use for:

  • Harvesting lawn and flowers
  • Harvesting fruit and vegetable garden
  • Clean your car
  • General cleaning

Chlorination with well available liquid sodium hypochlorite solution

  • Safe and simple handling of the disinfection chemical
  • Easy adjustment of the chlorine dosage pump to meet site-specific requirements
  • Volume-proportional disinfectant dosing for low and stable chemical consumption
  • Process kills near all the ecoli


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