Los Patricios Buenos Aires

Products 1998 EcoBloc maxx and EcoBloc flex
Application Retention
Storage capacity 446 m³
Collecting surface area 20,000 m²
Specifics 36 m x 4 m x 3.24 m
9 Layers
7 installers, installed in 3 days
1.5 mm membrane used

New residential development in Bologne, Buenos Aires

Los Patricios is a new residential development in Bologne, Buenos Aires. Up to 2016 the terrain was used as a rugby club whose large green areas offered good infiltration coeficient. The construction of roads and houses will generate water runoff that, unless controled, would exceed the capacity of the municipal drainage pipe. The local authority demanded a 450 m3 reservoir to attenuate the water runoff and discharge at a controlled rate.