Questions & Answers

  • How do I connect my container to the downpipe?

    It is connected using what is known as a downpipe filter or rain collector. This filters reliably filters large pieces of dirt from rainwater, thus ensuring optimal water quality. The integrated overflow inhibit prevents the water butt from overflowing. The excess water simply flows back into the downpipe. In the winter, the inlet to the rainwater tank is easy to stop.

  • Does the rainwater collected in the rainwater tank remain fresh?

    Together with the GRAF downpipe filter, the GRAF rainwater tank forms a closed system. So no dirt can enter from the outside. The water quality is therefore considerably better than in an open water butt.

  • Can stagnant moisture from in the plant cup?

    On many GRAF rainwater tanks, an integrated plant cup allows the tank to be planted up by the owner. Holes in the base of the plant cup ensure that excess water does not build up. So your plants stay happy in the long term. To prevent soil particles entering the rainwater tank with the water, a suitable filter fleece is supplied as standard.

  • What about the risk of frost?

    To prevent long-term damage from frost, tanks installed above ground should always be drained in the winter. Almost all GRAF rainwater tanks have a connection opening at the height of the tank base to fully empty the tank in winter.