Rainwater retention Kemmler Freiburg (Germany)

Project Kemmler Freiburg (Germany)
Application Rainwater retention
Category Industry/Commercial
Product EcoBloc Inspect smart
Storage capacity gross Retention basin 1: 140m³ Retention basin 2: 128m³
Dimensions L 18.4 x W 5.6 x H 1.36 m L 16.8 x W 5.6 x H 1.36 m

Rainwater retention Industry/Commercial

Kemmler Baustoffe in Freiburg has remodelled its existing building. The change of use required proof of flooding for a new water permit. Those responsible decided in favour of two retention systems made from GRAF EcoBloc Inspect smart modules. The construction pits were excavated and the two infiltration trenches installed in just eight days while the building materials trade continued to operate.