Supermarket Macroom

Products 2280 EcoBloc maxx
Application Retention
Storage capacity 520 m³
Collecting surface area 730 m²
Specifics 44 m x 16 m x 0,74 m
2 Layers
Installed in 5 days

New supermarket in Macroom

W.S. Gewerbebau GmbH were awarded the contract to build a new supermarket in Macroom co Cork. The job involved demolishing an existing building, construction of a new store and demolition of the current store. Structural Design Solutions Limited designed the drainage and as part of ongoing collaboration with GRAF specified EcoBloc maxx as the preferred solution. Structural Design Solutions Limited are now specifying GRAF products on all attenuation systems of a leading supermarket chain in Ireland and with multiple contractors for this supermarket stores in the UK. A attenuation system of 520 m3 was required so we designed a system 44 m long x 16 m wide x 0.74 metres deep totalling 520.96 m3. Delivery was managed with 2 lorries and installation took 5 days for the complete system.