Plastic balloon and canister, food-safe, for storing and transporting solids and liquids.

  • Made of food-safe polyethylene
  • Rectangular canister, stackable and compatible with Europallet
  • Fill level easy to see from outside
  • Resistant to most acids and lyes – please contact us for detailed information!


Volume [l]Height [mm]Weight [kg]Ø max. [mm]Ø [mm]order no.add to enquiry
Balloon 25 l255201.5280280804440
Balloon 50 l506152.4355355804450
Canister-Rectangle 5 l52500.2--804330
Canister-Rectangle 10 l103100.4--804340
Canister-Rectangle 20 l203850.8--804350
Canister-Rectangle 25 l254501.1--804360
Canister-Rectangle 30 l304351.1--804370
Wide-neck canister 5 l52750.3--804300
Wide-neck canister 11 l113600.5--804310
Wide-neck canister 20 l203951--804320

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