Rainwater infiltration Feed Mill, Chilliwack (Canada)

Project Feed Mill, Chilliwack (Canada)
Application Rainwater infiltration
Category Municipality/Residential area
Product EcoBloc Inspect smart
Storage capacity gross 1448 m³
Dimensions 46,4 x 30,40 x 1,03m

Rainwater infiltration Municipality/Residential area

This building site is an expansion project on an existing feed production facility in Chilliwack, BC. The facility also required expansion of an existing gravel parking lot to accommodate increased vehicular traffic and parking demand and prevent flooding caused by onsite surface run off from hardscapes around this area. This runoff is not allowed into public sewer system and the municipality required site to hold this extra storage volume. The Parking lot serves as a crucial access point for the facility and had become congested during peak hours and unusable during heavy rainfall. To address this issue, the design team planned to expand the parking lot while incorporating a stormwater deten-tion storage system beneath it.