Underground rainwater tanks in professional quality

The rainwater tank is the heart of every system. Due to the underground installation, a large amount of water can be stored in an environmentally friendly way, the appearance of your garden is not disturbed and you do not have to worry about the tank in winter. Using the rainwater from the tank not only benefits your plants in the garden or your washing machine, but also protects the groundwater and your wallet in the long term.

High manufacturing quality lays the foundation for unique products. This ensures a special stability and accuracy of fit of the individual components. We have even developed a new, unique production process for the Carat underground tank. Our products are resilient, precise-fitting and user-friendly!

Practical flat tank - Also ideal for retrofitting

  • Minimal installation depth, therefore low installation time and costs
  • Significantly less digging compared to a cylindrical cistern
  • Groundwater stable
  • Tank size of up to 65,000 litres
  • 15 years warranty

Classic underground tank - Perfect for new construction

  • Highest fitting accuracy and quality due to unique production process
  • Practical complete solutions available
  • Easy transport & lower costs for logistics and installation due to low weight
  • Rotatable tank dome for easy alignment to the connecting pipes
  • Groundwater stable
  • Tank size of up to 122,000 litres
  • 15 year warranty

Packages - Something for everyone

With the help of our various package solutions, you are guaranteed to find a rainwater harvesting solution that suits you. From our low-cost all-inclusive solution to the high-end professional installation. Our packaged underground rainwater tanks offer easy installation and convenient water harvesting in the garden or home. Find the package that fits your needs.

Individual - Discover our tanks seperately

In addition to the packages, our tanks are also available individually. We will be happy to help you put together a rainwater utilisation system individually according to your wishes. Discover the tank that suits you best in detail.