The good value option. The Aqua-Center Basic controls and regulates the entire water requirement. 

The Aqua-Center Basic controls and regulates the entire water requirement and guarantees outstanding operational safety due to its reliable operation. The floating switch-controlled monitoring of the fill level in the rainwater tank ensures that, in the event that the water level in the tank drops below the predefined minimum, drinking water is automatically provided from the in-house reservoir as needed. As soon as the cistern refills with rainwater, the Aqua-Center Basic switches back to rainwater operation.

  • Cost-effective in-house internal drinking water intake
  • Floating switch- controlled
  • Domestic waterworks KSB Superinox 15/4 or 25/4
  • 2-year warranty
  • Display of the operating pressure
  • High-quality, highperformance KSB centrifugal pump guarantees long, safe system operation
  • The integrated dry running protection prevents damage in the event of water shortage and guarantees safe operation
  • Suction pipe for the rainwater from the tank 25 mm (1")
  • Currentless, closed three-way valve: reduces the risk of backpressure
  • Emergency overflow DN 50 in accordance with EN 1717


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