BIM at GRAF - 3D models for planners and architects

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. With the help of this method, products can be modeled virtually and enriched with data. During the planning of a project and also during further project phases, all people involved can digitally access the BIM files and work on them together. Since detailed building models with all important information are already available in the planning phase, decisions can already be made more easily at this stage and quickly made visible to everyone.

The data assist architects and planners in construction planning, execution and maintenance, but also in building services, civil engineering, urban planning and road construction. BIM data can therefore contain the entire life cycle and valuable data such as materials, production, maintenance, but also commissioning can be stored in it.

Advantages of BIM

With the help of modern technology, the approach in the construction industry can be positively changed and digitized.  If BIM data is made available across the board and used to full potential, the planning, construction and administrative processes can be carried out much more simply and quickly, and above all more cost-effectively. In the long term, this type of data will thus bring about an increase in quality.


We provide our BIM data free of charge and without registration, so you can already use it in the planning phase of your project. This allows you to use the data for efficient collaboration with all involved contacts. Work with GRAF BIM data right from the start of a project and integrate the desired or possibly prescribed products for rainwater utilization, infiltration or in the areas of firewater and separators into your planning.

Please contact us directly: bim-support(at)


  • What is BIM?

    Building Information Modeling refers to a cooperative working method. On the basis of digital models of a building, the information and data relevant for its life cycle are coherently recorded, managed and exchanged between the participants in transparent communication or transferred for further processing.

  • Why BIM?

    Great expectations are being placed on the introduction and implementation of BIM on all sides. Examples include:

    • Increase in planning accuracy and cost security
    • Optimization of costs in the life cycle
    • Acceleration of the construction process
    • Optimization of the construction process
  • Why BIM Data from GRAF?

    Our BIM-capable models contain all product-specific information that is important for planning and beyond. In addition, their parametrics and connectors allow them to be quickly and easily integrated into your project.

  • Where can I find GRAF's BIM data on the website?

    You can find our BIM data in the category downloads. For a better overview, they are divided into the different product groups.

  • Which GRAF products are available as BIM data?

    In our download section you will find BIM data for products of the following categories:

    • Separator
    • Firefighting water tank
    • Rainwater Harvesting: Tanks underground
    • Stormwater Management: Infiltration modules
    • Stormwater Management: Filter and shaft systems
    • Accessories


  • What do the BIM ZIP folders in the download area contain?

    In the ZIP folder, which is available in the download area, you get the BIM data in Revit 2018 format, which can be opened in your Revit project. In addition, this also includes a PDF document with instructions on how to integrate our BIM data into your project, as well as how to read/use the data in general.

  • What is Revit®?

    Revit® is a software to open/ manage your BIM data. It helps teams from the areas architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) to create high-quality buildings and infrastructure.

  • Does GRAF's BIM data cost anything?

    Our BIM data is available to you free of charge in the download area. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time at

The GRAF Project Team - Support straight down the line

In addition to the support of our BIM data, our project team can provide support from the very beginning. From the initial consultation, through planning, to on-site support, we are there for you - and not just with our BIM data. Learn more now:


BIM data download

You can find our BIM data for the different products as well as the accessories in our download section.