GRAF’s version of the flat tank

The Platin flat tank is extremely easy to install. The completely flat pit and low tank weight make installation child’s play. But the stability of the new GRAF flat tank is also impressive. Here are the benefits of the Platin rainwater tank at a glance:

Integrated filter technology The professional, integrated filter technology is housed directly below the tank cover in the generously sized tank dome. It is based on the proven GRAF module system. The appropriate self-cleaning filter technology is supplied to match the House and Garden packages. It is characterised by its low maintenance requirements and high water yield. In addition, it can be removed without any tools if the tank needs to be inspected.

Attractive tank cover The attractive tank cover of the Platin flat rainwater tank is also based on the successful Carat module system. It can be telescoped and tilted in a continuously variable manner. Of the entire system, only the discreetly designed tank cover is visible. It also features a child-proof lock and an internal water connection box. 

Large tank dome Thanks to the tank dome’s large size of 80 cm, the filter can be installed in it with ease. Its size also makes access for maintenance and cleaning work much easier.