Area Control Center in Muharraq, Bahrain

Products 700 EcoBloc maxx
Application Infiltration
Storage capacity 155 m³
Collecting surface area 3,120 m²
Specifics 14
2 Layers
Installation depth 1.75 m

Infiltration Project – Area Control Center - Muharraq, Bahrain

The center is one of the most modern air traffic control centers in the region and was designed by Aeroport de Paris Ingenierie-ADPI
according to the latest internationally recognized engineering standards to create a suitable working environment for air traffic controllers
that has all factors needed to achieve distinguished services, high standards of quality, safety and efficiency in accordance
with the highest standards issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

The total building area of the project is about 3120 square meters. The building has a main hall with an area of 676 square meters
with all its modern advanced equipment for air traffic control, in addition to a special room for operating systems equipments and a
range of facilities.