Solutions to the challenges of climate change

Pure, clean water is one of the essential things in life, yet it is exposed to a large number of pollutants. GRAF develops, manufactures and markets an extensive range of products for all aspects of water management. GRAF provides solutions to global challenges, such as protecting watercourses or preventing flooding, with typical German quality.

Rainwater harvesting conserves our groundwater supplies

Water is the medium that makes climate change tangible for all of us. There is no water shortage in Germany yet, but groundwater levels are already falling across the country. Today, Graf customers worldwide already save 208 million litres of drinking water every day, as much as the daily demand of the city of Munich. 

Savings of up to 85% possible

On average, every citizen consumes 121 l of drinking water per day. Small steps are all it takes to make a positive change in your water footprint. With products from GRAF, up to 50% of drinking water in private households can be replaced by rainwater. For commercially used properties, the savings can be up to 85%. 

Rainwater is precious

Plants love rainwater. It is naturally soft and lime-free. This means that laundry washed with rainwater will be fresh and clean whilst using significantly less detergent. You can also save on additional descalers. There is also less scale build-up in the toilet. 

The management of rainwater counteracts surface sealing

Flooded streets, swamped green spaces and soaked cellars: Due to climate change, heavy rainfall events are occurring much more frequently, endangering people and animals and causing billions in damage. The climate forecasts mean we can expect more intense and more frequent heavy rain in the future. 

Local infiltration or retention of rainwater reduces the overloading of public drainage systems, especially during heavy rainfall events. GRAF infiltration systems and retention cisterns protect against the risks of urban flash floods and the resulting damage to buildings, infrastructure and traffic routes.

Small wastewater treatment systems and separators make a decisive contribution to water protection 

In Germany, there are around 1 million homes for which it is not economically viable to connect to the public sewer system. GRAF wastewater treatment systems are used to biologically purify the water, which can then be safely discharged into the environment. Especially in countries that do not have such a good wastewater infrastructure as Germany, local wastewater treatment is becoming increasingly important and contributes to water protection worldwide. 

Another major threat to our drinking water supply is contamination with light mineral liquids. GRAF separators filter out hazardous substances from water, offering maximum safety and protecting the environment.