Upcyclen - raw material made by GRAF

In Germany, only 16% of all plastic waste is recycled, worldwide less than 10%. Most of the rest ends up in waste incineration (Plastic Atlas 2019, Heinrich Böll Foundation).

75% of all GRAF environmental products are made from GRAF Upcyclen. This material is produced in the GRAF Competence Centre for Raw Materials, for example from plastic waste from the yellow bag. This involves short-lived packaging being turned into long-lasting environmental products. The Competence Centre combines for the first time multiple process steps with new plant technologies to form an integrated process chain. The pioneering technology makes the plant the only one of its kind in the world. With this, GRAF makes an important contribution to the recycling of materials.

We also convinced the Federal Ministry for the Environment Germany with our innovative ideas. The federal government supported the project as part of the Environmental Innovation Programme, which aims to promote the use of new technologies and the setting up of production plants that can serve as role models.

GRAF saves CO2 emissions from over 60,000 cars

The consistent use of recycled raw materials saves 100,000 t of CO2 emissions per year compared to the use of new raw materials. This corresponds to the emissions produced by more than 60,000 passenger cars.

Extremely durable and fully recyclable

GRAF offers a warranty of up to 30 years on its products. The service life of our civil engineering products spans generations. In the long run, this ensures that fewer resources are required, which in turn minimises the environmental impact. Right from the stage of developing its products, GRAF attaches great importance to sustainable product design. The supply of spare parts for our products is guaranteed over a long period of time. At the end of their life cycle, GRAF products are 100% recyclable.

* Article weight EcoBloc Inspect 420 incl. 4 end plates 21 kg / Ø weight of a yoghurt pot 3.5 g

   (Source: www.kunststoffverpackungen.de)