Raiffeisen Arena - LASK, Linz (Austria)

Project Raiffeisen Arena - LASK, Linz (Austria)
Application Rainwater infiltration
Category Sports and leisure facilities
Product EcoBloc Inspect 420
Storage capacity gross Infiltration basin 1: 498.9 m³ Infiltration basin 2: 502 m³ Storage basin: 190 m³
Dimensions L 43.2 x W 17.6 x H 0.66 m L 52.8 x W 14.4 x H 0.66 m L 22.4 x W 6.4 x H 1.32 m

Flat, flexible and functional

The Raiffeisen Arena is the new home of the LASK football club, which plays in Austria's top league. The arena was completed in February 2023 and can seat just under 20,000 spectators. In order to drain the total area of 39,060 m², of which almost 18,000 m2 are roof areas, two infiltration basins and a storage basin were installed.