Platin flat tank: 1,500 to 65,000 litres

The perfect underground tank for various applications

The flat design of the Platin rainwater tank makes it particularly cheap to install. A 1,500 l tank can be easily installed underground with minimum effort and digging. Professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike are impressed with its good stability and professional, integrated filter technology. The package is rounded off by intelligent filter components and the telescopic and inclinable dome shafts which terminate flush with the soil level.

Less excavation! Less work! Less cost!

Due to its shallow design, the Platin rainwater flat tank requires only a minimum installation depth, which makes installation particularly cost-effective. Since no large, deep pit needs to be dug, it can be excavated quickly and a mini-excavator or even a spade is sufficient for installation. A 1,500 l tank, for example, can be put underground with (a lot of) muscle power and a spade.

Individual - Discover our tanks seperately

In addition to our various packages, our platinum tanks are also available individually, in sizes ranging from 1,500 to 65,000 litres.

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