The special solution for above ground installation

Fully biological treatment system for the purification of all domestic wastewater with proven SBR technology. 

Depending on the requirements, different tank sizes and system variants are possible.

  • Above ground installation
  • Ideal for confined spaces
  • For small wastewater volumes
  • Tanks made of HDPE

Fields of application

  • Alternative if underground installation is not possible
  • Small industrial plants
  • Retrofitting of existing above ground systems
  • For temporary use
  • Houseboats

Scope of supply:

  • A container with pre-installed sewage treatment technology, comprising of: Supply baffle, clean water lifter
  • Disc diffusor: Pipes and bends for sampling unit
  • PP-control cabinet with: KLcontrol.S control panel, air compressor and step motor valves

Not included in the scope of supply: Air hoses: 2 x 19 mm


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