Minimum installation depth means a short installation time and low installation costs

The size of the rainwater tank explains why. The 1,500 l tank measures just 210 x 120 cm the height to the tank shoulder is just 70 cm. The low tank height allows it to be installed without slope angles and therefore in a very small pit. Since the tank weighs in at just 80 kg, it’s easy for two people to complete installation in a morning. Save the cost of hiring an excavator!

Suitable for vehicle loading

When combined with a corresponding tank cover, the tank is suitable for vehicle loading. The Platin tank can therefore also be installed under your driveway.


The design of the Platin flat tank guarantees high stability. The flat tank can therefore be installed in groundwater up to the tank shoulder.


„ The Platin® flat tank is easy to install. The completely flat pit and low tank weight make the work child‘s play. I was particularly impressed by the stability of the tank, the large tank dome and the professional, integrated filter technology. It’s a solution which ticks all the boxes.“

Thomas Blum, landscape gardener