Three Million Products Made from Recycled Plastic for the First Time

A Milestone in Climate Protection and Sustainability

Milestone for GRAF: In 2021, we manufactured three million products from recycled plastic for the first time. This success was made possible by researching new ways to incorporate our self-produced plastic recyclates into GRAF products. In addition, the increased global demand for our environmental products has also been a contributing factor. 70% of our products are already made from recycled plastics.

"Climate protection is in our DNA," says Otto P. Graf, owner and Managing Director of the GRAF Group. "At our Raw Materials Competence Center in Herbolzheim, we pursue the concept of sustainability in several ways: we take plastic waste, primarily from the yellow bag, and use a process developed by us to process it into a high-quality recyclate for long-lasting products, which in turn achieve sustainable results." The raw materials are also used at the nearby GRAF sites in Teningen and Dachstein (Alsace), minimizing transportation distances.

GRAF has been manufacturing environmental products for more than two generations and is the market leader in the field of rainwater management. With our own processing and recycling of plastics from the dual system, we make a significant contribution to climate protection. This saves 100,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year compared to the use of new raw materials - equivalent to the emissions of around 60,000 cars.

However, our commitment also makes a decisive contribution to the circular economy. "We take packaging waste with a life cycle of two to three weeks and turn it into a long-lasting environmental product that is also 100% recyclable," continues Otto P. Graf. "The fact that over 50% of our packaging waste currently ends up in waste incineration and less than 10% is recycled worldwide is something that our society simply cannot afford any longer. As a driving force, we want to motivate other companies to become more sustainable in the long term."